Dr. Geoff Davies is a retired Senior Fellow (now a Visiting Fellow) in geophysics at the Australian National University, http://people.rses.anu.edu.au/davies_g/.  He blogs at http://betternature.wordpress.com/.

He is the author of Economia: New economic systems to Empower People and Support the Living World (ABC Books, Sydney, 2004), and the eBook The Nature of the Beast: How economists mistook wild horses for a rocking chair.

He has authored over one hundred scientific papers and two scientific books and has a Hirsch index of 38 (38 papers each with at least 38 citations, indicating significant international standing and influence).

In 2005 he was awarded the inaugural Augustus Love medal for geodynamics by the European Geosciences Union.  He was selected in 1992 as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.

His most recent scientific book, Mantle Convection for Geologists (Cambridge University Press, 2011), won the 2011 Mary B. Ansari Best Reference Work Award of the GeoScience Information Society.

In economics he has also published two papers and several discussions on the blog site of the World Economics Association.

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Dynamic Earth:  Plates, Plumes and Mantle Convection, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1999.

Economia:  New economic systems to Empower People and Support the Living World, ABC Books, Sydney, 2004.

Mantle Convection for Geologists, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011.

The Nature of the Beast:  How Economists Mistook Wild Horses for a Rocking Chair, eBook 2012.

Economics papers

The Value of Simple Models, with Examples of Economic Dynamics, real-world economics review, no. 57, 2011, pp. 106-114, http://www.paecon.net/PAEReview/issue57/Davies57.pdf.

Bad theory, bad practice: bad ethics, Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension online conference of the Real World Economics Association, 2012 Paper 16.